Transferring Patient Data to DrChrono - FAQ

Moving patient data to DrChrono has never been easier. The FAQ below address most questions you may have about transferring your data. If your question/answer is not listed here, please reach out to your DrChrono point-of-contact, or log a support ticket. 


What makes up "Patient Data"?

Patient data is comprised of Demographics, Appointments, Clinical Notes, Documents, Images and Lab Results. 


What makes up "Practice Data"? 

Practice Data is comprised of Fee Schedules, Inventory Items, Contact Lists and Custom Procedure Codes.


Can Billing Data be transferred to DrChrono? 

Billing data, including, but not limited to: claims data, patient payments, ERAs/EOBs and balances, cannot be transferred to DrChrono from any EHR.


How do I begin the process to transfer Patient Data and Practice Data to DrChrono? 

In order to get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign an annual contract (required)
  2. Get REQUIRED file formats for each component of Patient Data. (this table shown below)
  3. Obtain Patient Data from previous EHR company in the required format.
  4. Upload files to Box Folder provider by DrChrono (5GB Upload limit, per file)
  5. Wait approximately three weeks* for data transfer to complete.

What are the required data formats?

Patient Data Type Format
Demographics .csv, .xls/.xlsx, .numbers, .xml(CCD/CCDA files only)
Appointments .csv,.xls/.xlsx, .numbers (column headers should reflect the patient's name, provider's name, office/exam room and date/time for each appointment)
Clinical Notes .pdf, .html, .tif 
Documents .pdf, .jpeg/.jpg, .tif 
Images .pdf, .jpeg/.jpg, .tif
Lab Results .pdf or binary file.


Practice Data Type Format
Fee Schedules, Contact Lists, Custom Codes and Inventory .csv, .xls/.xlsx


My patient data is contained within a database schema. Can DrChrono import this data?

Yes. DrChrono can extract patient data from your database schema. We support the following database files: 

  • .BAK (database backup files)
  • .mdb (Microsoft Access Database file)
  • .sql (SQL Database file)
  • .sqlite3 (SQLite3 Database file)
  • .dump (database dump file)

File extensions outside of those above are NOT accepted. (ex: .encrypted, etc)

You may also EXPORT all of your database table files as .csv, .tsv  or .psv (comma, tab and pipe-separated values, respectively) and upload to the designated Box folder.

This will be considered an Advanced Import. A custom quote will be provided after the data has been reviewed and can take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.


Would DrChrono be able to log into my old EHR account and extract all the data required to switch over? 

At this time, DrChrono does not support this method. If you require assistance with obtaining your Patient Data, please contact the support department of your old EHR.


My data is too large to upload to Box. How can I ensure DrChrono receives my data? 

Physical media (encrypted/secure storage drives) can be shipped to DrChrono for review and processing (at the customer's expense). We will send the drive back once we've completed the transfer. 

We also support SFTP file transfers, if you have a SFTP server set up. 

Due to data-integrity restrictions, we do not support using Google Drive to retrieve Patient Data. 

Reach out to your DrChrono point-of-contact for more details regarding this section.


How much does DrChrono charge for transferring Patient Data? 

Here is the pricing for all users with an Annual Contract: 

Import Type Tier Cost
Patient Demographic data Standard $0
All Practice Data types Standard $0
Clinical Notes, documents, images, lab results and/or appointments for up to 5,000 patients Intermediate $1,000*
Clinical Notes, documents, images, lab results and/or appointments for over 5,000 patients Intermediate+ *custom quote will be provided once data evaluated
Database review and extraction Advanced *custom quote will be provided once data evaluated

*subject to change. Speak with your DrChrono point-of-contact for confirmed pricing. 

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