Transferring Patient Data to DrChrono - FAQ

Moving patient data to DrChrono has never been easier. The FAQ below addresses most questions you may have about transferring your data. If your question/answer is not listed here, please reach out to your DrChrono representative, or log a support ticket. 


Q: What makes up "Patient Data"?

A: Patient data is comprised of Demographics & Insurance, Appointments, Clinical Notes, Documents, Images and Lab Results. 


Q: What makes up "Practice Data"? 

A: Practice Data is comprised of Fee Schedules, Inventory Items, Contact Lists and Custom Procedure Codes.


Q: Can Billing Data be transferred to DrChrono? 

A: Billing data, including, but not limited to: claims data, patient payments, ERAs/EOBs and balances, cannot be transferred to DrChrono from any external source.


Q: How do I begin the process to transfer Patient Data and Practice Data to DrChrono? 

A: In order to get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign an annual contract (required)
  2. Get REQUIRED file formats for each component of Patient Data. (this table shown below)
  3. Obtain Patient Data from previous EHR company in the required format. You must contact your previous EHR vendor for instructions on how to obtain your data. 
  4. Provide obtained from your EHR to DrChrono (upload to or ship a storage media to our office).
  5. Wait approximately three weeks* for data transfer to complete.

What are the required data formats?

Patient Data Type Format(s)
Demographics .csv, .xls/.xlsx, .txt(delimited), .xml/CCDA
Appointments .csv,.xls/.xlsx, .txt(delimited) 
Clinical Notes .pdf, .html, .tiff, .png, .jpeg (one or more files per patient, per encounter)
Documents and other media  .pdf, .jpeg/.jpg, .tiff, .html, .png (one or more files per patient,per encounter)
Images .pdf, .jpeg/.jpg, .tiff (one or more files per patient, per encounter)
Lab Results .pdf, .jpg, .tiff (one or more files per patient, per encounter)


Practice Data Type Format
Fee Schedules, Contact Lists, Custom Codes and Inventory .csv, .xls/.xlsx


Q: My patient data is contained within a database (SQL, MS SQL, etc). Can DrChrono import this type of data?

A: DrChrono supports SQL database exports for certain EHRs whose only export option is the SQL database (ex: AdvancedMD).

At this time, DrChrono does not support the SQL database for eClinicalWorks EHR therefore the full export must be obtained in order to import data.

Please contact your DrChrono representative for additional details.


Q: A DrChrono engineer has reviewed my data and has determined there are issues which halts the import process. What should I do? 

A: DrChrono engineers will provide you specific information about the issues with the set of data provided as well as suggestions on how to correct this data. Please review the notes and data to make those corrections. if corrections are not made, the data transfer process cannot continue. Please contact your DrChrono Representative for additional details. 


Q: How do I export my patient data (demographics, appointments, clinical/visit notes and media files) from my current EHR?

A: Please contact your current EHR vendor for instructions on exporting your data. DrChrono is unable to assist with this step in the Data Transfer process. 


Q: Is it possible for a DrChrono representative to log into my old EHR account or server and extract all the data necessary to transfer into DrChrono? 

A: Unfortunately, no. DrChrono takes no part in retrieving the data from an external vendor/competitor. It is the responsibility of the account holder to obtain this data on his/her own. If you require assistance with obtaining your Patient and Practice data, please contact the support department of your current EHR vendor.


Q: My previous EHR refuses to provide my Clinical Data and I'm not sure how to export this data. Can I connect with a DrChrono Engineer for guidance on the next step to take? 

A: The data engineers at DrChrono can only import data provided to us by the external vendor. If the vendor is unable to provide your patient data, the Data Transfer process cannot continue. Please contact your DrChrono Representative for more details. 


Q: My data is too large to upload to Box. How can I ensure DrChrono receives my data? 

Physical media, such as DVD, CD, Flash Drives can be shipped to DrChrono for review and processing (at the customer's expense). We will send the drive back once we've completed the transfer. Note: These drives must be password protected before shipping.

We also support SFTP file transfers, if you have a SFTP server set-up. You must provide all connection details (IP address, username, password and port number) in order to proceed with this process.

You may employ the use of a cloud storage system with appropriate certifications to ensure the data stored there is done so in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Due to data-integrity restrictions, we do not support using Google Drive to retrieve Patient Data. 

Reach out to your DrChrono representative for more details regarding this section.


Q: My clinical notes have been imported into my account. Where can I find them?

A: Any and all clinical note data that originates from outside of the DrChrono account can be found under the patient's chart > Documents. 


Q: I have custom demographics for our patient charts. Can this data be imported?

A: Currently, custom demographics cannot be imported into DrChrono. Should you require the use of custom demographics, this data must be entered manually. Please visit Account > Custom Fields to get started.


Q: My EHR does not allow the download of one clinical record file per patient. Instead, all clinical records are combined into a single PDF file. Is it possible to import the combined PDF data into  each respective patient's chart?

A: At this time, it is not possible for DrChrono split a PDF into multiple files and import into multiple charts. DrChrono can accept one or more files per patient, however a single file cannot contain multiple patients. Please contact your EHR vendor to discuss further export options.


Q: I'd like to remove patient charts from my account because some information was missing. Is this possible?

A: At this time, imported records cannot be removed. Please review your patient record data to ensure that the data provided is 100% accurate before importing as this cannot be undone. Please contact your DrChrono representative should you have any concerns regarding your imported patient demographic data.


Q: How much does DrChrono charge for transferring Patient Data? 

A: Here is the pricing for all users with an Annual Contract: 

Import Type Tier Cost
Patient Demographic data Standard $0
All Practice Data types Standard $0
Clinical Notes, documents, images, lab results and/or appointments for up to 5,000 patients Intermediate $1,000*
Clinical Notes, documents, images, lab results and/or appointments for over 5,000 patients Intermediate+ *custom quote will be provided once data evaluated

*subject to change. Speak with your DrChrono Representative for pricing. 



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