Save Time with Auto Eligibility Checks



With DrChrono Real Time Eligibility you have the ability to automatically check patient eligibility prior to a scheduled appointment, saving you the time to run the checks manually. 

  • To configure an eligibility check to run automatically navigate to Account > Account Settings.
  • Click the General tab and scroll down to the Appointment Settings.
  • In the Auto-Run Eligibility select the number of days prior to a scheduled appointment that you want the Eligibility Check to be run. 
** Please note, complete insurance information, including payer id and id number, are required for this function to run. Additionally, you must have Trizetto set up as your clearinghouse to use this feature. **




   When the Auto-Run Eligibility is enabled you will be able to view eligibility details in scheduled appointments without having to run them each manually. Eligibility details will be visible in the Eligibility tab from the Appointment Screen.


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