Batch Eligibility


DrChrono now has the ability to verify eligibility for more than one speciality at a time, as well as log past eligibility checks for reference.

Running Eligibility

  • Navigate to Patient’s chart > Eligibility screen.
  • Search for the service type and add specialties for it be to added to the eligibility check

  • Choose Run primary or secondary insurance to run details
  • Each specialty will be listed as tabs which when clicked displays the benefits for the respective specialty.

Viewing past eligibility checks


Displays eligibility checks done in the past.

Creating/Managing Eligibility profiles


Similar to Appointment & billing profiles, we now have a choice to create Eligibility profiles in which the frequently used speciality combinations can be preset.


  • Account > Custom fields > Eligibility profiles > Add Eligibility profiles
  • Profiles can be accessed from the choose profile drop-down while running benefits.

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