Specialty Specific Eligibility


DrChrono has the ability to verify eligibility for either a single or multiple specialities at a time, as well as log past eligibility checks for reference.


Running Eligibility

  • Navigate to Patient’s chart > Eligibility screen.
  • Search for the service type and add specialties for it be to added to the eligibility check

  • Choose Run Primary Insurance or Run Secondary Insurance to run details.
  • Each specialty will be listed as tabs which when clicked displays the benefits for the respective specialty.

Viewing past eligibility checks


Clicking on the Past Eligibility Checks tab will display previous eligibility checks.  To view the details, click on the View button on the right.


Creating/Managing Eligibility profiles


Similar to Appointment & billing profiles, we have a choice to create Eligibility profiles in which the frequently used speciality combinations can be preset.


  • Account > Custom fields > Eligibility profiles > Add Eligibility profiles
  • Profiles can be accessed from the choose profile drop-down while running benefits.

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