Enhanced Freedraw Feature


Our Free Draw is a popular tool unique to DrChrono that allows easy image upload and annotation to patient charts. We've added some intuitive updates to streamline your experience with the feature.


  1. To access the “Enhanced Freedraw” functionality, navigate to your DrChrono “Dashboard,” as shown in the following illustration and click on the DrEHR button at the bottom



2.  The “Appointment Details” screen will be displayed, as shown in the following illustration. Select a patient and Click “Start Visit.”




3.  The “Start Visit” screen, shown below is displayed. Select one of the available “Free Draw” templates.



4.  The “FreeDraw” screen, shown below, is displayed. Notice that you can tap on the “Draw” button to toggle between “Drawing” and “Positioning” mode. Please be aware that once you click on “Okay,” the blurb will be gone forever, and you’d need to reinstall the functionality for it to be displayed again.



5.  Click the “Text” icon, as shown in the following illustration, to add a “Text” field/box.



6.  The “SF UI Text” screen, shown below, is displayed, providing you with the opportunity to enter formatted text.



7.  The “Erase,” "Pen Color Selection," Rotate," and "Undo," icons, are shown in the illustration below. 



8.  Clicking the "Add" icon. This will allow you to add items from your device's “Library” of from the “History” previously recorded for the Patient, as shown in the following illustration.



9. You can also change the color of the object that you’re drawing by selecting a new color on the menu bar.  Note that the color of the “Brush Stroke” icon changes when you select a different color on the menu bar. You can also save your “Pen” and “Color” selections by clicking the “Settings” icon and toggling either option to “On."  As shown in the following illustration.


10.  If after all this is done and you decide you want to clear the canvas or remove it from the complete note entirely then you can click on the trash can, as shown in the following illustration.




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