Authorization Alerts


For practices that work with authorizations, the system has a warning in place that alerts you to when five or fewer visits are left in an authorization. There is also a counter that alerts you to the number of future visits scheduled as well. The Authorizations functionality is accessed within a Patient Chart by selecting the “Authorizations” tab, as shown in the following illustration.


Click “Add New Authorization,” as shown in the following illustration.


The “New Authorization” dialog, shown below, is displayed.


Enter an Authorization number in the “Authorization number” field, a start date in the “Start date” field, and an end date in the “End date” field, the number of visits in the “Number of visits” field, select a specialty from the “Specialty” drop down (optional), any relevant notes in the “Notes” field, optionally select the “Pending” check box to ensure that a Pending Authorization is not applied to the claim and optionally enter any relevant procedures in the “Procedure codes” field. When finished, click “Create.”

Please note that the “End date” field and/or the “Number of visits” field must hold an entry.

There is also an “Expiration” counter/alert as well as an indicator for the remaining allowable scheduled visits, as shown in the following illustration.


To see how the process works, select an authorization on the “Authorizations” list, as shown in the following illustration.


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    Kristie Desrosiers

    Thank you this information is really helpful but I do have some questions. Some patients are self referral and they don’t require an authorization number. What do we do in this case and can we still use this tool without inputting an authorization#? Thank you! Kristie

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