Lab Orders

To access the Lab Orders functionality, which allows you to show lab results values from within a Clinical Note, select the “Lab Orders” option on the “Patients” menu. As shown in the following illustration, the “Manage Lab Orders” screen is displayed, with both “Manual Lab Orders” and “Sample Lab Orders” shown.

This information is also included within the “Clinical Note” itself, as shown in the following illustration, if the “Include in Note” option is toggled to “On.”

Additionally, when you enable the setting to do so, (what setting?) to render this information, the following screen is displayed, replicating the information contained on the screen when you select the “Lab Orders” tab.

There is also a setting for this “Lab Results in Clinical Note” functionality within “Account Settings,” once it has been enabled.

It is turned on or off by selecting the “Include Lab Results” checkbox within the “Clinical Notes” section of the “Account Settings” page, as shown in the following illustration.

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