How to Change the EPCS Permission Setting

Please complete the following instructions to change the EPCS permission setting prior to the feature update.  


1.  Please log in to DrChrono and go to the Account tab > Staff permissions.  If you get a "Permission Denied" screen, you'll need to have the permission "Manage Permissions" enabled.  Please contact the administrator of your account to edit that. 



2.  Click on the EPCS Permission tab



3. Find the name of the provider and notice that it says NO under this column.  This needs to be switched by clicking on the EDIT button to the right.



4. In the next screen, a box will open.  Put a checkmark next to "Prescribe Controlled Substances" and "Edit EPCS Permissions" then click the blue Request Permissions Change button.



5.  PLEASE NOTICE the message box that appears in the left corner.  The EPCS permission change has two parts to it: 1. the requesting provider in step four above and step 2. a different provider signing off on the request (see next step). 



6.  The second provider can be anyone listed in the "Can Edit Permissions" column with a YES.  They will log in to their own DrChrono account and click on the "Pending EPCS Permission Changes" tab and select the most recent date and time stamp request and choose the approve button to the right. 



7. The approve button will open to the following box where the provider will enter the "Two Factor Auth Token" which is the 6-digit passcode from their DUO mobile app on their personal phone or iPad.

 ***Once steps 5-7 are completed the EPCS permissions will change to YES and you are finished. ***



PLEASE NOTE: If the provider who was originally notified is unable to view the tabs then another EPCS approved provider or even certain staff members can initiate the request on their behalf



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