Telehealth Visits - FAQ


Is there a way to select more than one office in the section "Select An Office for Telehealth"?

Currently, only one office can be selected for telehealth visits.  To select this office, go to Account > Offices and choose the office for telehealth visits. 


How do I include the meeting link of a video visit in the email reminder?

Text and email reminders for video visits automatically contain the meeting link for the patient to join the video visit. 


How can I resend the meeting link before the appointment time?

Once you have joined the video visit, go to Options and select Video Visit Information


Select Resend Appointment Link



 What if the patient or the doctor can’t connect to the video visit? Will I still get charged?

DrChrono's telehealth feature is currently free to use up to 5000/min per provider per month. 


Can I do a screen share during a telehealth visit? 

Currently, screen sharing is not supported with our telehealth feature. 


I have been using Chiron for telehealth, and I would like to use to do DrChrono's telehealth feature. Will the same "Telemed" billing profile I used with Chiron still be useable for video visits in DrChrono? 

The billing profile can still be applied to telehealth visits in DrChrono.  If you need to make any changes to your billing profiles go to Schedule > Billing Profiles


Does telehealth work on mobile devices?  

For provider's, DrChrono's telehealth feature is available through the EHR application for iPad and iPhone

Patients can join the video visit using the emailed link through their mobile device's web browser or through the OnPatient app.  

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