Form Builder Overview


DrChrono's Form Builder allows you to create and customize your clinical templates, allowing you to focus on patient care with forms that are specific to your practice. 


1. To get to the Form Builder, go to Clinical Form Builder.  



2. The Form Builder consists of 3 main parts: Form List on the right, Form Tools on the left, and the building screen in the middle. 



3. The Form List consists of: Preset forms which are H&P, SOAP, and OnPatient forms that you can use and/or customize; the Additional tab is where any forms you have created or selected from the Form Library; the Screen_Shot_2020-07-16_at_11.55.09_AM.png is used to start a form.  



4. The middle section of the Form Builder is where all of the building, editing and customizing of templates takes place. To edit a form, simply select it from the Presets or Additional tabs.  The Options menu allows you to apply certain settings to the selected form.  For more on the Options menu, click here.



5. The Form Tools consists of two parts: New Fields and Field Clipboard.  New Fields are the types of fields that can be added to a form for clinical charting or patient onboarding. 



You can copy fields to use again in the same or other templates by using the (Paperclip_Icon.pngin the lower left hand corner of any field.  This will copy the field to the Field Clipboard for later use. 


For an explanation of the New Fields click here. 

Click here for our YouTube playlist on Form Building. 

Click here for our article on the types of fields you can use to create a medical note.  





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