Joining a Video Visit for the Patient


DrChrono offers various ways for patients to join telehealth visit.  A patient can join a video visit by clicking on a link that is sent via email or text when a telehealth visit is scheduled or through OnPatient. 

Joining via Link 

1. You can join a telehealth appointment by clicking on the link that is emailed to you. You can click on the Meeting Link or Start Video Visit.  


Note:  If you are already connected to OnPatient, you will be prompted to log in to your patient portal after clicking on the link. 


2. Once the video visit is launched, you will need to allow access to your camera and microphone by clicking Allow



3. After the microphone and camera have been given access, click the Join Video Call



4. After joining the call, the provider's name and the appointment date and time will be at the top.  There will be a message that says Waiting for doctor to join if the provider has not yet joined. 


5. Consent forms can be signed by clicking on the Read & Sign


6. Sign using the mouse and click Save Signature



7. You can view, download or print the consent forms you have signed by clicking View



8. You will see the provider in the main section of the screen and your screen in the top left after the provider has joined. 


9. Once your video visit is complete, click on the (Telehealth_End_Icon.png) icon. 


Joining via Text

If your provider has sent you a text reminder you can click on the link to launch your device's browser and you can follow the steps listed above.  If you are already connected to OnPatient, you will be prompted to log in to your patient portal after clicking on the link. 


Joining via OnPatient

If you have connected to your provider through OnPatient or if you are prompted to login to the portal after clicking the link, you can join your video visit though the portal. Once the appointment is scheduled, log in to OnPatient, find the appointment, and click Start Video Visit


Once the video visit has launched, follow the steps outlined above. 

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