How do I create a custom appointment status?


You can create your own appointment status(es) to fit the needs of your practice and workflow.  The custom appointment status will appear in the status menu in the appointment window.  

1. Go to Account Custom Fields


2. Select Appointment Statuses from the menu on the left. 



3. Click +Add New Status



4. Enter a Status Name and Abbreviation. You can also choose a Color.  In order for the status to appear in the Status dropdown in the appointment window, select at least one office.  Click Save when complete. 



Here is an example of a competed custom status. 



5.  The status will appear after the system Default Status menu options. 


  • You can use the (Hamburger_Lines_Icon.png) icon to drag and drop the status to a different order. 
  • The ( Measured_Checkbox.png ) checkbox allows you to track the time a patient spends in that status in the Appointments Dashboard (Go to Schedule Appointments Dashboard)
  • The enable switch (Screen_Shot_2020-08-17_at_10.03.33_AM.png) allows you to remove the status from your list in the status menu. 
  • Clicking (Edit_Icon.png) icon will open the status window for you to make changes. 
  • The ( Archive_Icon.png) icon will inactivate the status from your list.  

You can create as many Custom Appointment Statuses as needed to accommodate the needs and workflows of your practice. 


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