Adding Reminders to an Appointment


Reminders can be used to remind your patients about their upcoming appointments.  Reminders can be set two ways in DrChrono: in the appointment window or with reminder profiles.  We will look at adding the reminders at the appointment level in this article.  

Setting Reminders in the Appointment Window

1. Go to ScheduleCalendar


2. Open an appointment window and select the Appointment tab.  Check the View Active Reminders box and then click +New Reminder


3. Select the type of reminder from the dropdown. DrChrono offers one way email, text, and phone calls. 



4. Enter a number in the in the field between the reminder type and unit of time drop down menus.  This will number will determine when the reminder goes out in relation to the rest of the settings. 

Select a unit of time from the dropdown.  This will determine when the reminder goes out in relation to the appointment. 



5. Select when you would like the reminder to go out in relation to the scheduled appointment, either before or after


In this example, we are sending out an email 1 day before the appointment.


6. To set more reminders, click +New Reminder and follow the same process. When finished click Save & Close or Save. 


Adding Additional Messaging to Email and Text Reminders

Edit button.  

1. Enter the text you would like to add to the email message in the text box.  


2. Click Preview to see the message.  

     Text will be inserted between the end of the message and the closing on an email 



With a text message, the additional text will be added to the end of the message. 


To edit or make changes to individual reminders select the appointment and follow the steps above and save your changes. 


Notes on Adding Additional Text to Reminders

Standard text reminders are limited to to 140 characters.  Customizing your text reminders may cause this limit to be exceeded, resulting in multiple text messages toward your monthly limit. 

There is no text limit when adding additional text to email reminders.  However, the editor for email reminders uses HTML.  This means that if you would like to have your custom message render on different lines or in multiple paragraphs, you need to use a little bit of code with <br>.  Otherwise, the message will be delivered in one paragraph.  

Example 1:  No use of <br>



Example 2: Use of <br> for a new line. 



Example 3: Use of <br> for a new paragraph. 



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