How Can I Set Up a Supervising Physician?



In DrChrono, you have the ability to set up providers in your office to either serve as a supervising provider, or needing a supervising provider.  This will allow a supervising provider to review and sign off on clinical notes after submission by the rendering provider. 

If you are in need of setting up this type of scenario, please reach out to your account manager or DrChrono support with the name of the provider who needs supervising and the one who will be doing the supervising.  They can set this up for you.


Supervising Provider -  You will be able to review and sign off on clinical notes from a provider needing supervision by going to Clinical > Clinical Notes.  





In addition, if in this scenario, you plan to bill the claim under the supervising providers information/NPI, please refer to the article on incident-to billing ( to ensure the specific criteria to bill in this manner is met.



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