Applying Billing Profiles

There are several places in DrChrono you can apply Billing Profiles in your DrChrono account to make it easier to populate billing information and reduce time spent on billing.  You can apply Billing Profiles in the following places: the appointment window, the clinical note, the live claims feed, and a switch in the form builder.  For information on creating Billing Profiles click here. 


Billing Profiles in the Appointment Window

1. Go to the schedule and open an appointment window and go to the Billing tab. 

2. Select the profile you would like to use from the Billing Profile dropdown menu. 


3. Once the profile is selected, click Save & Close or Save


Billing Profiles in the Clinical Note

1. Open a clinical note and go to the Billing tab under 


 2. Click OK to apply the profile to the visit. 


Billing Profiles in the Live Claims Feed

1. Go to Billing > Live Claims Feed.



2. Click on the Date of Service for the appointment to open the billing details screen. 



3.  Select the profile to be applied from the Billing Profile menu. 


4. Click Verify & Save.



Billing Profiles in the Form Builder

1. Go to Clinical Form Builder.  


2. Select the form you would like to add the profile to and add a Switch



3. Enter a name for the switch in the Label Name field.  

Go to the Billing Profile menu and select the profile.  

Click Update Field



4. Click Save to save the changes to your form. 



5. In the clinical note, activate the switch to apply the Billing Profile. 



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