Adding Clinical Codes to Forms


You can connect clinical codes (ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS and custom codes) to form/template fields so they populate billing information while completing your clinical note.  You can add codes to the following fields: 

1. Go to Clinical Form Builder


2. Select the form you would like to use from the Form List and add the desired fields from the Form Tools



3. Underneath the Generated Text area in the there will be a Clinical Codes section.  Click +Add New to choose the type of code you would like to use. 




4. Once the code type is selected, you can search for the code by keyword or number or by entering the code directly into the field.  



Adding Codes to Yes/No Fields

With Yes/No fields you can add codes to populate when Yes or No is chosen.  

1. After selecting the codes you would like to use, you can tie them to the either Yes or No under the Option column. 

2. When finished click Update Field to save your changes. 



3. With a side-by-side view, we can see the codes associated with the No option have populated the billing section.  If you were change the No to a Yes, the codes would change to those associated with the yes option. 



Adding Codes to Switches

With a switch, you can tie multiple codes that will populate when the switch is activated in the note.  

1. Once you click +Add New, you can select the code type and use the search field to find the desired code.  Repeat for all the codes you would like to be under the switch. 



2. Click Update Field when you have added all the codes you need. 



3. Once activated, the switch will populate the codes in the billing section. If the switch is deactivated, the codes will be removed from the billing. 



Adding Codes to Single and Multiple Select Fields

The process for adding clinical codes to Single Select and Multiple Select fields is the same. 

With a single select field, you can choose one code from the list you create.  Whereas with a multiple select field, you can choose more than one code from the list you create. 

1. After adding the Allowed Values, and you have added your codes in the Clinical Codes section, you can connect the values and codes by selecting the relevant value from the Options dropdown. 

2. Click Update Field when finished. 

Single Select 



Multiple Select



Side by side, we can see the codes populated by the Single Select option and the Multiple Select options. 


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