How to Submit a Voided Claim to a Payer?


There might be an instance where you need to delete a claim that has already been submitted to a patient's insurance.  In order to do so, you will need to send the payer a voided claim.

  • Navigate to the appointment through the Live Claims Feed.  Billing > Live Claims Feed



  • Select the patient appointment for which you would like to submit a voided claim.


  • From the appointment screen, navigate to the top right column, and select the drop down next to Claim Type and select Void claim.



  • If the claim has been paid out on, the ID of the original claim should populate.  If it doesn't, you can type it into the box that appears after you select Void claim.



  • You can also add additional information to box 19 on the HCFA by using the EDI Billing Note option at the end of the same column within the patient's appointment.  This will give the payer additional information on why the claim is being voided.



  • Select Bill Insurance as the billing status on the top left column (if it isn't already chosen)



  • Check Resubmit Claim and select Verify & Save




Additional Notes

  • If payment has been released the payer may retract it on a future invoice or request a check directly from you.  Each payer can handle the situation differently.


  • If no payment has been released and the claim was applied to the patient's deductible for example, the payer will reverse the entry in their system.


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