Editing Code Descriptions


You can add custom descriptions to the ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes in DrChrono to use more common language or preferred terms for your Billing Pick List.  The pick list is made up of codes added to your fee schedule.  Custom descriptions can be added to codes in your fee schedule.  

1. Go to Billing Fee Schedule



2. Once on the main page, you can select CPT & HCPCS or ICD-10 to navigate to only those code types.  You can also click +Add New to add a code type or click on the ( Network_Pencil_Icon.png) to edit an existing code in your fee schedule.  



3. Once in the code, you can enter your description in the Custom Description field and click Update when finished. 


4. Once the description is added, you will see the custom description instead of the system produced description. 

Before Custom Description


After Custom Description



5. The Billing Pick List can be accessed on DrChrono's EHR Web and EHR App.  

In the appointment window, click on the Billing tab and click Choose Codes from Pick List.  You can search for your code with the custom description or scroll and click on the (+) next to the code or codes you need to the visit.  



The Billing Pick List is also accessible in the Live Claims Feed. 



You can also find the Billing Pick List in the clinical note. 



From the iPhone tap on the Billing icon on the top of the screen. 



From the iPad tap on the  ( PickList_Icon_iPad.png) icon to access the Billing Pick List



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