Day Sheet: Balancing at the End of the Day




   DrChrono offers an easy way to balance your cash drawers/postings at the end of each day.  The Day Sheet will allow you to see all insurance and/or patient payments posted that day so you can verify that all payments received (1) have been posted and (2) there haven't been any typos/errors in posting the amount received.


 Here's a description of how it could be useful in your practice.


Day Sheet

  • The Day Sheet will show you what has been posted (charges, insurance/patient payments, and insurance/patient adjustments) for a particular day or a date range.  You can specify other parameters including office, and even exam room.   The information listed is in real time, so it can change as charges are placed on appointments and ERAs/EOBs are posted, if it fits within the parameters you selected.


The Day Sheet can be found by navigating to Billing > Day Sheet.



Once inside the report, you will have additional filters available.  The red box indicates where you can specify a date range (from a single date to a max of 31 days).  Once you have selected your options, click on the blue Update on the right, and the information will populate for you.




The information will display as a summary, like the example below.  The default is set to land on the Grand Totals tab.  You can see at a glance 4 key metrics:

  • Debit - Amount of charges posted for the specified parameters (date/office/exam room)
  • Credit - Amount of insurance payments posted for the specified parameters (date/office/exam room)
  • Adjustment - Amount of adjustments posted for the specified parameters (date/office/exam room)
  • Patient Payment - Amount of patient payments posted for the specified parameters (date/office/exam room)


For detailed information in any of these categories, just click on the blue tab that corresponds to the information you are seeking.  Each will bring up all of the details (patient, date of service, amount, etc) that make up the amount shown on the summary Grand Total tab.


You can print or export the report by clicking on the green Action button on the right.


Any exported report will generate and be available in your message center.



The amount showing in the Credit box should match all insurance ERAs and EOBs that were posted on the date selected.  If it does not, you can see a break down of the payments by clicking on the blue words Credits and Adjustments. You can use the information here to look for discrepancies.  If it's easier, you can also export the information to MS Excel by clicking on the green Action button and selecting Export Current Section.  


The same applies to the amount showing under Patient Payment.  It will include all credit card as well as cash/check/money order payments, so you may need to export and sort the information to balance multiple users.

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