Excluding Forms from the Clinical Note


Through the settings in DrChrono's Form Builder you can exclude a form or multiple forms from you complete note.  Excluding templates from the complete note allows you to still complete forms during a clinical visit, but the information you document will not appear on the rendered clinical note for the visit.  

1. To exclude a clinical template from the note, go to Clinical Form Builder



2. Select the form from the Form List that you would like to exclude and click on the Options menu and click Exclude from Complete Note



3. Next to the form you have exclude from the complete note will be an (Exclulde_from_Complete_Note_Icon.png) icon.  



4. The excluded from, will note appear on the complete note, but can still be filled out. 



5. If you would like to include the template back in the note, follow the same steps and select Include in Complete Now


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