Searching Enrolled Payers First


In DrChrono you have the ability to prioritize the payers you are enrolled with so that they are brought to the top of the list when searching for insurance payers.  

In the image below, there are several options for the payer being searched.  If the desired payer is not at toward the top of the list, we can enable a setting so that your preferred payers show at the beginning of list. In this article we will look at enabling the setting to search enrolled payers first and adding payers to prioritize the list. 



Set Up

1. Go to Account Account Settings



2. Click on the Medical Billing tab. 



3. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section. Check the Search Enrolled Payers First box and Update Entire Profile. Medical_Billing_Search_Enrolled_Payers_First.png


Adding Payers

1. To add a payer go to Billing Insurance Setup



2. Click +New EDI Enrollment. Insurance_Setup_New_EDI_Enrollment.png


3. Click +Add New Payer



4. You can search by Payer ID or Payer Name.  Select the payer once you have found it. 



5. Next you can +Add New Payer or click Save and Submit Changes to Support to save your changes. 



6. The payer list will prioritize which payers will appear at the top of payer search. 



7. When we search the same payer from previously, we can see how the desired payer appears at the top of the list. 


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