How do I Move Patient Payments?


  Sometimes you may need to move money between patient appointments, or to/from their unallocated account.  DrChrono makes moving money super easy.   Specific steps are listed below:



Moving Patient Money from unallocated to an appointment

You can move money from a patient's Unallocated Payment section to an appointment.


NOTE - These screen shots are from the Billing > Patient Payments (Beta) screen.  The same radio button is available in the patient's appointment in the Live Claims Feed should you need to move money while working with the patient's appointment from that screen. It works the same way as outlined below.


1.  To move money from Unallocated Payment and associate it to an appointment, click on the circle over on the right of the payment amount, sometimes referred to as a radio button.




2.  Once you click on the radio button, a Move Cash window will open.  This will allow you to select the appointment and the line item (CPT,  HCPCS or Custom Code), as well as the amount to transfer. 

  • For the example below, even though the patient has $25 in their unallocated cash, we can choose only to move $5 or $10 of it and leave the remaining in unallocated, or use it for a different appointment. 
  • To change the amount, just click in the box on the Amount line and adjust to fit the situation.




3.  Once all fields are filled in, click on Move and the system will move the payment as you have requested.



Moving money from an appointment to a patient's unallocated

  If there is an overpayment on a patient's account,  you have the option of holding the payment in a central location for a future visit.  The money will appear as a flag (green highlighted and will appear on the left of the screen) to alert you that the patient has unallocated funds.

  • An overpayment could happen if a patient paid a copay for the visit but when processed by the insurance company, they did not assign a copay for the visit, thus creating an overpayment on the appointment.  You can move this money to the patient's unallocated to hold for a future visit.


For this example, we can see that the patient has overpaid the appointment.  The charge was $150,  however the patient paid $175, resulting in a $25 overpayment or credit on the account.  We can move this $25 to their unallocated so it can be used for a future visit.


1. To move it, just click on the radio button (small blue circle) to the right of the patient payment.  It's highlighted in green below.


2.  Once you click on it, you will see a Move Cash window.  It is showing you that the appointment has a $25.00 credit ($-25.00).




3. Click on the black down arrow to the right of the Appointment line.  It will show you a list of the patient's appointments (both with a balance (unpaid) and without a balance (paid)) as well as giving you an option to select unallocated/no appointment.




4.  Select Unallocated/No Appointment, which is at the very top of the list.


5.  Next, select the amount of money to move from the appointment to the patient's unallocated.  For our example, we would want to enter $25.00.



6.  Click on Move to complete the transaction.


7.  Now, in the patient's appointments in the Live Claims Feed (Billing > Live Claims Feed), there is a green flag on the left of the screen to alert you that the patient has unallocated money on their account.




8.  If a portion of the credit is moved to an appointment, the flag will update in real time to show you how much is left in the patient's unallocated fund.  If the entire amount is allocated to an appointment, the flag will update to read:





Moving money from unallocated to the appointment while in the Live Claims Feed

    When you are working on patient appointments, you may notice that a patient has money in their unallocated that would either pay off or pay towards an appointment.  You can easily move the money while in the appointment in the Live Claims Feed.  Here's how:


1.  Click on the Dollar sign on the line item where you would like to apply the patient's unallocated money.



2.  A Fill Line Item window will open.  It will list all available payments that are included in the patient's unallocated amount.  If separate payments were made or if they were made on different dates, they will be listed separately. 




  • You can select which payment to use by clicking on the check box to the right of the payment


    Or you can click on the box next to the word Available and the system will apply the amounts from top listed down, until the amount due on the appointment is met.  As shown in this example, only $125 was owed by the patient, so only $125 was taken from the $150 unallocated payment.  The remaining funds will stay in the patient's unallocated fund.



Once you have selected which payments to use, click on Apply and the system will make the updates.


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