How Do I Bill For a No-Show Appointment?



  If a patient does not show for an appointment and your office has a policy of charging if not cancelled within a certain time-frame, you are able to bill the patient a fee for that missed visit by using custom codes.


First, you want to set up the custom code.  Navigate to Billing > New Custom Procedure.




Once there, you will have the ability to enter a custom procedure to bill for your no-show appointments.  

  • At a minimum, you will want to add the Code and Price.
    • Code: This will be what you use to look up and enter the charge.  The field will not accept spaces, but you could use something like, using a period instead of a space.  
    • Price: This will be the charge for not cancelling the appointment within the required amount of time.


Once the code is established, you can begin assigning it to your no-show appointments.  As a general rule, no-show appointments do not show in your Live Claims Feed if they do not have a charge.  However, you can add the no-show custom code from the appointment window and the appointment will then show in your Live Claims Feed and will appear on patient statements.

  • From the appointment window, first mark the appointment status as no-show.




  • Then, navigate to the Billing tab.



  • Scroll down to the Custom Code section.


  • In the Find Custom Procedure codes section, type the name you assigned to your no-show appointment charge.


  • Once selected, it will populate the price that was assigned when it was created.


  • Just click on Save and the charge will be assigned to the appointment.  


  • Now the appointment and charge will be visible under your Live Claims Feed and will appear on a patient statement.
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