What is the Include Moved Cash option in the Day Sheet?


     Within the Day Sheet (Billing > Day Sheet), there is an option titled Include Moved Cash.  



   This option will allow you to see your receivables in two different ways.  When payments are posted in DrChrono, the date of posting is captured along with the amount of the payment.  DrChrono allows you, if needed, to move that cash/payment to another appointment, which could be listed under a different rendering provider.

   The option will allow you to see your payments from either 1) the date they were posted (ignoring if they were moved later to a different date of service and potentially a different rendering provider) or 2) the date and appointment where the appointment was moved.


   Please note, if you choose to look at the data including moved cash, the actual dollars will only be included in the figures once; wherever it resides at the time the report is run.


  • You might want to select Yes if you want to view revenue by provider for a certain time period.


  • You might want to select No if you want to view revenue by original posted date, perhaps to verify against bank deposits.




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