Using the Save Section Feature to Add Signatures to Forms on the iPad EHR App


You can use the Save Section feature to add signatures to forms on DrChrono's EHR  app Pad app.


1. To begin, tap on Start Visit to navigate to the clinical note for the visit. 



2. Select the form you would like to add the signature(s) to and navigate to the Menu (IPad_Menu_Icon.png) and select Save Section



3. Select Sign in the top right of the screen. 



3. Tap on the (Save_Section_Other_Signatures_Icon.png) icon and select Other Signatures



4. Next select the signature: provider, patient or witness.  



5. Once the person is selected, the signature can be added.  Tap Save when finished. 



6. The signature can be moved and resized within the current page. Select Save when finished.  


Note: When adding a signature to a multipage form, be sure navigate to the desired page first.  The signature may not be moved to another page. 


7. Select Save to PT History to save the form to the patient's chart.  To view the document on the iPad tap on the History tab.  On the web, navigate to the documents section of the patient's chart. 


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