What is the Product/Procedure option?




     The Product/Procedure Report will show you what CPT/HCPCS/Custom and ICD10 codes have been billed throughout your practice, along with detailed patient information if you need to dig deeper.  Offices use this report to identify the most used procedures/custom codes within their office.


The Product/Procedure Report can be found by navigating to Billing > Product/Procedure.



Once inside of the report, you will have several options to choose from.  You can enter a specific code, or a date range.


    If you want to know what CPT/HCPCS/Custom codes were charged for a specific date range, just leave the code field blank, make sure you select Service Date and the date range you would like and click on the blue Update on the right.  

    Your information will populate like the example below.  It will show the CPT/HCPCS/Custom code, along with the number of times it has been charged (Units) during the date range you selected, along with the total charges.

    To see which patient appointments those codes are listed on, just click on the blue code and description.  The patient information, including the patient's name, date of service, provider and payer will populate.



 The same works if you would like to see what ICD10 codes have been used during a certain time period.  To pull up this information, first click on the ICD-10 tab at the top of the screen.



Once you select your date range (and specific ICD10, if applicable), the system will provide the information you requested.  To see which appointment the particular ICD10 code is attached, just click on the actual code or description.  The patient information, along with the date of service and provider will be listed.



You can export the information in the product procedure report by clicking on the gray Export button over on the right.  The report will generate and be available in your message center.

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