Unmatched ERAs



   When ERAs are received into the DrChrono system, they are validated against the appointment before they are posted.  If the match is found, the payment will automatically be posted.  If there is no match found (whether the patient or the appointment date is not found), the payment and associated postings will appear under Unmatched ERAs. 

   Common reasons payments will post here include being billed out of another system, or a change was made to the appointment after the claim was billed out of DrChrono.  You can then manually attach it to the correct appointment or update your records if the claim was billed outside of DrChrono.



To navigate to the screen, hover over Billing and select Unmatched ERAs.




Once there, you will see a header that gives you several search options.




It will allow you to search for a specific:

  • Trace # - This is the trace id number of the payment
  • Date - Received Date/Check Date/DOS
  • Date range of payment(s) 
  • Patient
  • Insurance
  • Status


If the fields are left blank, you will see all unmatched payments, with the most current showing on top. 



Each line (payment, CO45 adjustment, copay, etc) will be listed separately, so several lines could belong to the same patient and date of service.


To see additional information for each line, just click on the blue pencil on the right of each line.  A separate window will open that will give you additional details.    The bottom of the screen will allow you to search for a patient and attach the payment to a patient's appointment within DrChrono.





Once posted, you can delete the payment from this screen by clicking on the red x on the right side of each line.  Deleting the payment will only remove it from this screen.  It will still stay attached to any patient appointment you've attached it to within DrChrono, as well as appearing with the original ERA under Remittance Reports.  Deleting from this screen will help your efficiency as when you pull it up, you will know that each of the lines need to be reviewed.  There will be none that have already been worked. 

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