Adding the COVID-19 Vaccine to a Patient's Chart


You can easily document the COVID-19 vaccine in a patient's chart under the immunizations section.  

1. Navigate to the patient's chart by going to Patients Patient List or by using the Search field. 



2. Select Immunizations from the left and then select Other. 



3. Scroll down and find COVID-19 on the list.  



4. Select the appropriate vaccine from the list.  CDC information on the CVX codes can be found here. 

  • Moderna - 100 mcg/0.5 mL dose CVX Code: 207
  • Pfizer BioTech - 30 mcg/0.3 mL dose CVX Code: 208
  • AstraZeneca - vector-nr, rS-ChAdOx1, PF, 0.5 ml CVX Code 210



5. Once you have the desired vaccine, click Select Vaccine



6. Next you can Upload a consent form or have the patient Sign a consent form. 


Once you have selected the consent option, you will be taken to the next step. 


Note: Clicking on the Immunizations_Print_Icon.png icon will allow you to print the caregiver fact sheet for the vaccine.

7. On the next page, you can enter all of the relevant information like the CPT Code to document the first or second dose  Mark the Vaccination Status and click Save.  



8. You will see message stating the record has been created.  Record_Created_Message_2.png

You can also view/edit the information under the Immunizations section of the patient's chart. 



9. You can download an HL7 Record or print a copy of the Immunization.  Print_or_download_Record.png



COVID-19 Vaccine CPT Code Information

Newly Available COVID-19 CPT Codes:

  • 91300 - Moderna Vaccine

    • 0001A - Moderna - Vaccine Administration - Dose 1

    • 0002A - Moderna - Vaccine Administration - Dose 2

  • 91301 - Pfizer Vaccine

    • 0011A - Pfizer - Vaccine Administration - Dose 1

    • 0012A - Pfizer - Vaccine Administration - Dose 2

  • 91302 - AstraZeneca Vaccine

    • 0021A - AstraZeneca - Vaccine Administration - Dose 1

    • 0022A - AstraZeneca - Vaccine Administration - Dose 2

For more information on COVID-19 Vaccine CPT codes, click here.

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