Video Visits on the iPad EHR App


Through DrChrono's EHR App you can connect with your patients with our telehealth feature.  You can schedule and conduct video visits easily all on the app.

In this article we will look at: 

Note: In order to use telehealth on the EHR App, you will need to have an office set up for telehealth. See our article here.

Scheduling Video Visits

On the appointment screen on the App, you will easily see your video visits scheduled.  Underneath the patient's appointment information on the left, you will see Video Visit.  Non-telehealth appointments will not have this text.  For example, the first appointment below is an in-person appointment and the other two appointments are telehealth.  You will also see a Start Video Visit button on the right next to the Start Visit button. 


1. Once you have selected the patient you are scheduling the appointment for, tap on the (iPad_Plus_icon.png) icon and select New Video Visit



From the appointment screen, tap on the (iPad_Plus_icon.png) icon and select Create Video Visit



2. The appointment type will be Video Visit.  You can schedule the appointment with the necessary information.  When finished, you can select Save to add the appointment to the calendar.  If you would like to launch the visit, tap Save & Start Visit. 



3. You can also change the appointment type to Video Visit.  From the home screen, go to the Appointment Options menu and select Reschedule / Edit Appointment



4. Select the Appointment Type menu, choose Video Visit, and Save or Save & Start Visit



Completing a Video Visit

1. Once you are ready for the telehealth appointment with your patient, select Start Video Visit



2.  Tap Start Video Visit to begin. 



3. Once the patient has joined, you can easily conduct the visit.  You can use the (Mic_Icon.png) button to turn on and off your device's microphone. Similarly the (Camera_Icon.PNG) will turn your camera on an off. You can use the back camera by tapping the ( Flip_Camera_Icon.PNG) icon.  



4. The menu icon ( Menu_Icon.PNG) gives you access to: 

a. Video Visit info which allows you to resend the visit links to the patient if needed. 


b. You can take a screenshot of your patient and save it to the patient's chart in their documents. 


c. Consent Forms allows you to assign uploaded consent forms to the visit for the patient to sign.



5. You can also access the patient menu during the visit to review patient information or send a prescription.  The patient will not see this menu.  They will continue to see their provider on their device. 



6. When finished, select End.  



You will be taken back to video visit start screen.  Select Close to return to the EHR menu. 



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