I am having trouble getting connected


There can many reason for a network connectivity issue. It can be a router issue, a wireless issue, or actually a server issue. Below are some steps you can take in order to determine the cause.

1.) Is this a drchrono server related issue? 

Visit our status page to check the statuses of all drchrono apps, and our server. You can also subscribe to this website, and by doing that you will receive email status updates if an issue arises that will effect your service. 

2.) Is this a network speed related issue? 

drchrono's minimum recommended requirements ask that your network speed be no slower than 3 megabytes upload, and 6 megabytes download. Patient files can be quite large and in order to handle those files you need a network that can handle that amount of data. You can check you speed by going to speedtest.net

If you have a large office, a poor network set up may cause issues on one floor or one room but work fine in other areas of the building. We recommend using speedtest.net in different rooms to see if the speeds vary widely. If they do, you may want to contact your IT about improving your network setup. 

3.) Is this a hardware issue?

If you have multiple devices (laptop or iPad), verify if it's happening on all devices or just one. If it's happening on just one you may need to contact the support team of your device. If it's happening on all of the devices then you can rule out this possibility.

4.) What happens if none of those fixed my connection issue?

There are times when resetting your device is all that is needed. To do this on your iPad go here for Apple's instructions on how to reset your iPad. 

If you are still having trouble connecting please contact drchrono's support team for further help.  

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