Editing Your Name, Timezone, Personal Details, and Contact Information


Your name, the local time, personal details, and contact information will appear on many pages and documents that are produced by the drchrono EHR. This guide will be a brief explanation on how to change your settings so that the drchrono EHR is up to date with your accurate details.

To change your name, personal details, and contact information, you'll need to access the Account Settings portal. To begin, mouse-over your navigation bar and select 'Account Settings'.


Ensure that you are on the 'Profile' tab. The profile tab should be the tab that loads by default. Here you can see fields for your Name, Specialty, Timezone, Salutation, Suffix, Website, Home Phone Number, Office Phone Number, and Cell Phone Number. Before proceeding, fill out all the fields that you would like changed.

3. Click "Update Entire Profile" to save your changes

To change your profile picture and/or business logo, scroll down toward the bottom of the page to the 'Profile Images' section. Select 'Choose File' and navigate to the corresponding image file stored locally on your computer. These files will be uploaded to the drchrono EHR and will still be attached to your profile even if your computer's locally stored image is deleted or moved. You can also select the 'Display Logo on Faxes' check box to display your practice's business logo on all your faxes.

To save your settings, select the blue 'Update Entire Profile' button. When this button is pressed, all the information on the page is uploaded to the drchrono EHR and saved to your profile.








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