Real-Time Eligibility Verification from a Patient's Chart

The DrChrono EHR allows you to see what benefits your patient's insurance plan covers before you administer treatment.

To access the Real-Time Eligibility tool, you first need to open a patient's chart (Patients > Patient List > Chart ID or search directly for your patient's name).

In your patient's chart, select the 'Eligibility' tab in the left-hand navigation pane.


Checking Services Covered

To check services covered, search for one or multiple services and then select to check eligibility from either primary or secondary insurance.



Once you select services and choose either the 'Run Primary Insurance' or 'Run Secondary Insurance' buttons, your patient's coverage details will appear below. Here you can view all the plan's coverage details with respect to the services you have selected.




Past Eligibility Checks

By selecting the 'Past Eligibility Checks' tab, you can look at all of the past eligibility checks that were run for a patient based on service types. You can filter by date of appt, the dates eligibility was checked, and sort by heading type. Failed eligibility checks are also recorded here.


Prescription Benefits

The DrChrono EHR also allows you to check your patient's insurance for prescription benefits. Prescription benefits can only be updated every 72 hours. To check prescription benefits, select the 'Check Prescription Benefit' button.


Once you select 'Check Prescription Benefit', click on 'Benefit Summary' to view the coverage information summary for prescriptions.


For additional information regarding:

Configuring Auto Eligibility click here

Checking eligibility for multiple specialties click here to see how Batch Eligibility works.



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