Using the Clinical Audit Log


How to use the Clinical Audit Log

The Audit Log is a powerful tool that lets you track all the activity of your patients. It can be used to track your patients' changes, view staff activity, troubleshoot problems and more.

To get to the Audit Log, mouse over Clinical and then select "Audit Log"

After selecting 'Audit Log', you'll be presented with the 'Audit Log Report' page. Here you'll be able to view all of the logs regarding your patients.  You now have the ability to filter by appointment, fee schedule, eRx, and more.  



You can search by patient name or username to limit these results.



How to use the Clinical Audit Log

You can search by log type to filter by type.


You can filter to see results within specified certain timeframe.


The audit log allows you to troubleshoot issues within your operations and also to view what changes are happening within a patient's account. For example, if there's a problem with a patient's insurance, you can look into the audit log and look for 'Insurance Authorization' as the log type.

You can also see when notes are locked and unlocked.

If necessary, it's also possible to export your logs to a CSV file that can be viewed in most spreadsheet software programs such as Microsoft Excel. To export your logs, select 'Export to File' toward the top of the page, near your filters.

As a confirmation, you'll receive the following notification:

To view your exported audit log, go to your message center from the navigation bar.



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