How to Filter a Claim by the Billing Status


Here is how you can use filters to view a certain billing status/statues.  


1. Hover over the Billing tab and click on Live Claims Feed.



2. Click on the Billing Status drop down.



3. Uncheck the All Statuses at the top and check the box next to the status you would like to view.  You can choose a single status, or multiple. 




4.  Ensure that the date range displayed reflects the claims you want to see.  By default, the system will show the previous 30 days.  However, you can update the range to show a larger (or smaller) period of time.




5. Click on the blue Update filter on the right to list all the claims for the chosen status/statuses.



The system will display claims that meet the criteria of status within the date range that you selected.


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