Setting Up Direct Messaging


In order to use direct messaging, you'll need to get it set up. If you're a member in a Practice Group please contact your account manager, implementation specialist  our support team to turn on this feature for you.   In this article we will look at setting up direct messages.  Click here for information on sending direct messages. 

Once you have this feature activated, then you'll need to set up your direct messaging address and then verify your identity. If you're in a Practice Group only the first provider needs to verify their identity but everyone will need to set up their own direct messaging address.

Setting up Direct Messaging

1. Go to Account > Account Settings


2. Click on the General tab and then scroll to the Communications section.

3. You'll see a green button to set up Direct Messaging, click on this.



4. You'll be asked to confirm some basic information. Select your Timezone and Primary Office. Click Next



5. Create your direct address. The username can be changed.  It will default to your DrChrono username. Click Change Domain to create an address.  



6. Enter a domain name such as the practice name.  Once you're happy with the direct address click Next. Make sure you're happy with this address.  As it cannot be changed later on.



Once you have created your domain name, click Next



7.  Click Get Started to go to the next step. 



8.  There are two agreements that need to be confirmed.  Click I Accept




9. Next you'll need to validate your identity by entering your business, personal and individual NPI information.  You will need a phone present to do this as you'll be called with a code to enter at the end of the process. You will see a ( Identity_Verified_Target.png) icon when the section info is ready to submit.   Click Verify Identity to complete the process. 



9.  Once you're verified, you can start sending direct messages!

10.  You can see your direct address by going back to Account Account Settings and scrolling to the communication section. 


11.  You can view your incoming and outbound direct messages in the message center. 


Click here for our article on sending direct messages. 

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