I've Updated the Patient's Insurance but it's not Reflecting in the Live Claims Feed

When you update the insurance information in the patient’s demographics, it will reflect the change only for the appointment you create in the future.To change the insurance information for appointments you have created in the past, you have to manually update the appointments.

Follow the steps outlined below to show the updated insurance information in the live claims feed for the past appointments.

1. The insurance information is updated in demographics. Whereas the Live Claims Feed still lists the old insurance.


2. Go to Billing > Live claims feed > Choose the patient > Click on the Visit date, this will direct you to the “Billing Detail” screen.

3. In order to display the updated insurance information, click on “Verify & Save” which will update the insurance information to the appointment.

4. Once you complete these steps, the correct insurance information will be updated to the appointment.

You will need to update all of the appointments to display the correct insurance information.


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