Duplicate Patient Warnings


In the event you create a duplicate chart for the same patient, you have the option to inactivate one of the patient records. DrChrono does not have an option merge patient records.  DrChrono does have triggers in place to warn you of a potential duplicate warning. 

You can, however, inactivate the patient record that is a duplicate. 

Duplicate Triggers 

Common Duplicate Patient Triggers

  • Same Social Security Number
  • Same First and Last Name
  • Same Date Of Birth

Keep in mind if the person has the same last name but not the same DOB, our system will not count that as a duplicate patient. But if they have the same SSN but different names, our system will flag it as a duplicate patient.

Duplicate Warnings

1. The warning message below will appear with potential duplicate patients while in a patients chart.  


2. You will also see a warning when adding a new patient. 



3. There is also a warning when using the New Patient checkbox in the appointment window. 


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