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DrChrono's Form Library allows you to view and add templates to your account, for use as clinical notes, that other providers have built and shared to the library.  


1. To access the Form Library go to Clinical Library


2. Once in the Form Library, you can search by specialty or key word to narrow your results. Your specialty under Account > Account Settings > Profile will automatically be selected in the Specialty field. 


Clicking Preview allows you to view a form to see if it would be useful for charting.  Or you can go straight to customizing by clicking Customize Form to bring the template to your account for use. 

3. If you would like to use the template after previewing it, click Use this template

4. After clicking Customize Form from the main library screen or Use this template from the form preview screen, you will see the message below.  Click Accept to bring the form to your account. 

5. The template will be now be in your account under the Additional tab in the Form Builder


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