Adding a Referral and Managing Referral Source Permissions


Getting Started with a New Referral

If you get a referral from another provider, you can add that patient as a referral in the drchrono EHR. To begin, go to your drchrono navigation bar, mouse over 'Patients' and select 'Patient List'. The Patient Management portal should appear for you to begin adding your new referral.

To add a new referral, click the green '+Add New Patient' button. If you have already created a new patient and wish to update the patient as a referral, search for the patient in the 'Patient Search' search box and select that patient.

You'll be presented with the 'New Patient' entry form for a new referral or the Patient Profile for an existing patient update. Navigate to the 'Demographics' tab on either the New Patient or Patient Profile page. 

To enter in your referral information, scroll down to the 'Referring Doctor' section of the form.

Here you can enter all the referral information you have for the patient. The fields are as follows:

  • Referring Doctor Search: If you have the referring provider in your contact list, you can search for the provider here and pre-populate most fields in this section. If not, you can select to create a new contact for the provider you have entered in this form and the contact will be saved upon hitting the 'Save' button at the end of the page.
  • Referring Doctor First Name: Provider first name
  • Referring Doctor Middle Name: Provider middle name
  • Referring Doctor Last Name: Provider last name
  • Referring Doctor Suffix: Suffix of the provider (ie. Jr., Sr., II, III)
  • Referring Doctor NPI Number: The provider's personal NPI. A National Provider Identifier or NPI is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to health care providers in the United States by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Referring Doctor Provider Number: The provider's group NPI. A provider number uniquely identifies the medical practitioner and the location from which a service is rendered.
  • Referring Doctor Specialty: The provider specialty.
  • Referring Doctor Address: The provider address.
  • Referring Doctor Email: The provider e-mail.
  • Referring Doctor Phone: The provider phone number.
  • Referring Doctor Fax: The provider fax, for contact purposes.
  • Referring Source: The source of the reference, typically an organization or individual. To add a new source, type in the new source name and then select new source on the drop down menu. If this drop down menu does not appear, your account does not have sufficient permissions to add new sources.
  • Primary Care Physician: PCP of the patient.
  • Referral Number: A referral will have a referral number which is used in medical billing. This will affect if the patient's claims will be accepted by insurers.

After completing these fields, click the 'Save' button on the bottom of the screen.


Referral Source Permissions

If a staff member does not have permissions to create new referral sources or a staff member needs to be restricted to create new referral sources, you can change those settings in the Permissions Administration page. To access the Permissions Administration Page, from the navigation bar mouse over 'Account' and select 'Staff Permissions'. 

Once you have selected 'Staff Permissions', you'll be presented with the Permissions Administration page. From here you can view the permissions for your providers and staff.

To change permissions for a provider or a staff member, select 'View' next to the name of any person. The Permissions editor will appear. Scroll down approximately two-thirds of the way down the list to the 'Add new referring sources' checkbox. After selecting 'Edit Permissions', you will be able to check and uncheck any boxes to enable or disable permissions. 

If the "Add New Referring Sources" option is checked, the staff member or provider will be able to add new referring sources to the saved list of referring sources. If this option is unchecked, the staff member or provider will only be able to add referrals from the existing list of referring sources.


To batch change referring sources permissions of different types of staff, select the 'Roles' tab in the Permission Administration page. Here you can add roles or edit roles with your desired permissions and set staff members within these roles.


To quickly see which members of your practice have 'Add New Referral Source' permissions, you can select the 'Permissions Grid' tab. Scroll to horizontally approximately two-thirds of the way to end of the list to view the 'Add New Referral Source' permissions column.



With the Permissions Administration page, you will be able to manage the Referral Source permissions of all your staff members. With your permissions set, your practice will be better able to add, track, and manage your referred patients.






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