How to Include Notes on your Patient Statements


  Adding a note to your monthly patient statements in DrChrono is very easy!  You can add messages such as "To set up a payment plan, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx", "Your Prompt Payment is Appreciated" or anything else you would like to send out on all statements.


Please follow the steps outlined below:


1. Hover the cursor on Billing tab and select Patient Statements.




2. Click on the pencil icon just to the right of the option Include note in statement.



3. A Statement Note text box will appear that will allow you to enter your custom message.  Once done, click on Save.


Once the changes are saved, the notes will show in the statements.


Note : The notes added is for one-time use, so if you would like it to carry over from month-to-month, it will need to be added just prior to running/printing patient statements.

This feature is implemented to avoid incorrect or outdated notes going out on a patient statement without your knowledge.

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