An Introduction to OnPatient: Core Features & Capabilities


The OnPatient portal allows you to connect with your patients and allows them to easily access all their care information. The OnPatient portal has the following capabilities:

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Customizable onboarding/appointment check-in
  • Bill payments, statements, payment history
  • Patient health summary, lab results, and medications
  • Educational materials and document sharing


Appointment Scheduling

When a patient schedules an appointment via OnPatient, the appointment will appear on your DrChrono calendar. Patients can choose providers, the office they wish to visit, and what time they would like to schedule the visit. You can turn on or off online scheduling for each office.





Onboarding/Appointment Check-In

When a patient has an appointment, they can be presented with an onboarding or check-in form to fill out prior to the appointment. To become more familiar with the OnPatient onboarding/check-in capabilities and customization possibilities, please visit our guide here.



Bill Payment, Statements, and Payment History

Patients can pay bills online via credit/debit card by viewing their statement balance and make payments toward settling their balance.




If your patient would like a more detailed view of their statement, they may view each statement that details the treatments and charges associated with their account.



Patient Health Summary

Patients may view their health summary to get a picture of their healthcare and treatments. Here they can view their diagnosed conditions, medications, and lab results. The OnPatient portal also automatically links educational materials to the patient's problems, allergies, medications, and labs to help your patients stay informed of their own healthcare.






Educational Materials & Document Sharing 


The OnPatient portal also allows you to share documents that help keep your patient informed of their medical conditions, medications, and options.



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