How to Add a New Appointment Profile


Adding Appointment Profiles

Appointment profiles save you time by pre-populating fields when creating a new appointment. Appointment profiles are used to:

  • Automatically set 'Reason For Visit',
  • Set a duration for appointment
  • Set a color for the appointment
  • Fill out billing codes associated with the appointment
  • Fill out the payment type for the appointment
  • Attach consent forms or any other forms to the appointment.

To create a new appointment profile, first mouse over 'Schedule' on your navigation bar and select 'Appointment Profiles'.


In your appointment profile editor, select '+Add New Profile' in the upper-right hand corner.


A form will appear that prompts you to fill out the details of your appointment profile. Here you can:

  • Name your appointment profile
  • Associate a color with your appointment profile
  • State a reason to visit that will populate in a new appointment's 'Reason For Visit' field
  • Specify a duration for the appointment
  • Associate a billing profile with the appointment profile to auto-populate billing codes
  • Add a payment profile
  • Enable online schedule
  • Attach consent forms to your appointment profile

Make changes as you see fit and select 'Save'.

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