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Quest Specimen Labels in DrChrono

In DrChrono, DYMO label printers can be used to print Quest Diagnostics specimen labels directly from the EHR. In order to print, you will need to install the required DYMO software.

IMPORTANT - Do not connect the printer to your computer until after the software installation is complete.

1. Download and install the DYMO Label Software for your DYMO printer based on your computer's Operating System (Mac or Windows) using this link: DYMO Driver Downloads (Please note that there are two software options for Windows, DYMO Label Software or DYMO Connect for Desktop. Please select DYMO Label Software). Choose to install the software with installation type "Standard". If you choose to "Customize" the install, be sure to select the DYMO Label Web Service component.

2. After installing the software, look for a DYMO icon on your desktop in the upper right-hand corner of the menu bar for macOS or bottom right-hand corner of the system tray for Windows.


3. Right click on the icon to access the menu below.  Click Configure.


4. Select Use single port. Do not change the default port number. This will affect how the printer communicates with DrChrono. Click OK.


5. Restart your computer. Closing your browser is not sufficient to install the driver!

6. Right-click the DYMO icon in the menu bar again and click Diagnose.


7. This will create a pop-up, asking to open a test page. Click OK to continue.


8. A tab will open in your default browser, confirming that the DLS Web Service is running.


By installing the software, you launch a web service which listens for your printer over a specific port, which DrChrono communicates with.

For additional information, please visit the following page: DYMO Label Web Service FAQ



LabCorp Labels

LabCorp does not print labels using a DYMO printer. Instead, use a standard office printer for your LabCorp labels. Please use LabCorp 8-Label paper when printing LabCorp labels. You may request this paper from your LabCorp sales representative. The LabCorp 8-Label paper is an 8.5x11" sheet of paper on which the order requisition prints at the top and 8 labels print at the bottom in the allocated spaces with peel-off labels.

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