Connecting Square to your DrChrono Account


DrChrono's integration with Square makes it easy to take credit card payments in one place without having to log in to a different site.  You can easily connect Square to you DrChrono account. 


1. Hover your cursor over the Account tab and click on Account Settings. Go to the Patient Payments tab. 



2. Click Connect


3. Please ensure your popups are enabled.  To complete the process, a popup window from Square will populate and prompt you to create an account or sign in to Square.  Please click Sign Up if you do not already have a Square account and follow the steps. 


4. Once you have signed in, there will be a list of permissions in the popup window.  Click Allow



If you wish to enable Square access across the practice group, simply select the checkbox and click Update. This will allow all providers in the group to process payments with the same Square account. 



To contact Square support, or view their FAQ's, please click here.


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