Getting Started with Telehealth in DrChrono


With DrChrono's telehealth feature you can easily set up video visits to take care of your patients.

1. Selecting an office for telehealth

Before you can use telehealth, you must agree to the updated Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and contract addendum in by going to Account > Offices  and clicking on View Documents


After clicking View Documents, a window will open for you to read and agree to the updated Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and contract addendum.  Click on the check box and then click I Agree


Finally, select the office you would like to use telehealth from the dropdown menu. 


2. Checking the place of service code for billing for telehealth

You can check the place of service code for billing by click the Edit button to the right of the office selected for telehealth.  Click the Billing tab.  Select 02-Telehealth, if needed, from the Facility Code dropdown menu and Save


3. Scheduling a telehealth appointment 

Go to the schedule and schedule an appointment as you normally would.  In the appointment window select the Video Visit button.  Enter the patient's name and save the appointment.  By selecting the Video Visit button, DrChrono will automatically schedule the appointment in the office designated for telehealth.  Once saved, there will be a Start Video Visit button.  


 4. Notifying the patient

Once the video visit is scheduled, the patient will automatically receive an email that they have a video visit appointment with a link to launch the visit.


5.  Launching the video visit for the provider

The provider can click on the Start Video Visit button to launch the telehealth visit. When the browser asks for permission to use your Camera and Microphone, check Remember this decision and click on Allow. Without access to your camera and microphone, you will not be able to have a video visit.  Here are browser specific details, if needed, for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge


There will be a message that says "Waiting for patient to join".  Once the patient has joined, the provider will see the patient in the main part of the screen. 


6. Launching the video visit for the patient 

There are 2 options for the patient to launch a video visit using the meeting link in the email or through OnPatient if OnPatient access is enabled for the patient.  

Option 1 - Using the meeting link

The patient clicks on the link to launch the video visit. 


Option 2  - Connecting through OnPatient

The patient simply clicks on the Start Video Visit button once they have logged in to their portal. 


The patient will be prompted to allow access to their camera and microphone similar to the provider.  Once that is complete, they will see a message that says "Waiting for the provider to join." When the provider has joined, the patient will see the provider in the main part of the screen. 


7. Ending the Visit

Upon completion of the visit, the patient or provider can click the red phone icon to end the telehealth visit.  



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