Inline Workflow on DrChrono's EHR App


Inline workflow on the DrChrono's EHR App for the iPad changes single and multiple select fields into inline selection items.  It is easy to set up and makes charting on the iPad even easier. 

                   Before Inline Workflow                                                         After Inline Workflow

Inline_WorkFlow_Before.PNG    Inline_WorkFlow_After.PNG


Setting Up Inline Workflow

1. Select an appointment and tap Start Visit



2. Tap on the ( IPad_Menu_Icon.png) menu icon and activate the Inline Workflow switch. 



3. After activating Inline Workflow, single and multiple select fields will no longer appear as drop-down menus.  The options will render as items in a line that you can select from.



4. Simply tap on the desired menu items to add them to your note. 



5. To deactivate Inline Workflow, go to the menu (IPad_Menu_Icon.png) and tap on the switch. 




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