Square Payments on the iPhone EHR App


You can easily process credit card payments through DrChrono's integration with Square. After connecting your Square account to DrChrono, payments can be processed via the iPhone EHR App.  

1. Select an appointment. 



2. Go to the Billing Details section and tap Add



3. Enter the payment amount.  



4. Tap on Cash to open the Payment Method menu. 



5. Choose Square


6. Tap Pay with Square



7. Tap Swipe Card to process a payment.

 If you have a card on file, tap to choose card, select the card, and tap Confirm




8. Connect your reader if needed. 


9. When prompted, swipe, insert or enter the card. 



10.  The card will process and then approve.  

Square_iPhone_Processing.jpg   Square_iPhone_Payment_Approved.jpg


11. You can send a receipt by email or text if needed. 



12.  You will see a green message that the payment was successful and be prompted to log back to the EHR App to continue the visit. 



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