Using the Practice Group Dropdown


The practice group dropdown allows you to view the collective information of the practice when the Practice Group option is selected. 

Accessing the Practice Group Dropdown

1. To access the practice group, click on the (Provider_Drop_Down_Caret_Icon.png) icon next to the provider's name at the top of the screen and select the Practice Group.  



2. Once the Practice Group is selected, you will be able to see all of the information for the practice group instead of an individual provider. Practice_Group_Selected.png

Note: While the Practice Group is selected, individual provider settings will not be available.  

One of the primary uses of the Practice Group is viewing reports. 

Let's look at an example under Billing > Day Sheet

With one provider selected only the totals for the selected provider are displayed. 



With the Practice Group selected the totals for all providers in the group are displayed. 



Permissions for the Practice Group Dropdown

By default all roles in DrChrono come with access to the practice group, but it can be found in the permissions menu as View Practice Group.   



If the View Practice Group permission is not enabled it will not appear in the menu as seen below. 



Another useful, but not required, setting that can be helpful in multi-provider accounts is the Provider Dropdown.  



With this permission enabled, multiple providers will appear in the dropdown menu.  If it is not enabled it will only display one provider. 


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