Telehealth Troubleshooting FAQ


1. My patient did not receive their email reminder.  Is it possible to send another link? 

When a video visit is booked, an email is automatically sent to the patient after saving the appointment.  You can also send additional reminders with a reminder profile or with an appointment reminder in the appointment window. 


You can also send the link again via email, text or copy once you have started the video visit.  

Click on the Options menu and select Video Visit Information


By clicking on the desired button(s), the link will be sent to the email or phone number on file for the patient. 


Note: The video visit link is valid 30 minutes BEFORE and 30 minutes AFTER the scheduled appointment. 


2. During the video visit, the screen goes blank. 

Once the video visit has been joined by either party, it is best practice to wait for the either the patient or provider to wait for the other party to join.  Leaving and rejoining the visit could cause issues.  Please check your browser, in some cases Firefox does not function correctly with video visits.  If possible please try a different browser. We recommend using Chrome or Safari.  


3. I am experiencing audio/video issues during a video visit.   

  • Ensure that the browser's (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) camera and microphone are enabled correctly on the device.  
  • Please only run the current telehealth visit.  Do not operate other programs or applications that also use audio/video features on the same device.  
  • Please check that the device is up to date and capable of supporting video and audio.  In some cases and external camera and/or microphone may be needed. 

4. My patient is prompted to log in to OnPatient to start their video visit.  

If your patient has or had an OnPatient account, they will be prompted to log in to their account. This gives them the ability to check-in for their appointment.  They can request a password reset or you can resend their OnPatient invite.   



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