Sending Direct Messages


Direct messaging is an easy way securely send patient information/documentation electronically.  Direct messages can only be exchanged with other direct services.  Therefore, both the sender and recipient need to have direct messaging set up in order to utilize the service.  Direct messages cannot be sent to a regular email addressHere is our article setting up direct messaging.  

In this article we will look at sending direct messages from the message center and from the patient chart. 

Sending Direct Messages

1. First you'll need to obtain your contact's direct messaging address and add it to your contact information.  Click on the (Message_Center_Icon.png) icon to navigate to the message center and click Contacts.  



2.  You can click the ( Network_Pencil_Icon.png)icon next to and existing contact or (_New_Icon.png) to create a new contact. 



3. Fill out the information and add the recipients direct address in the Direct Email Address field and click New Contact



4. Once you have the direct message address in your contacts, sending a direct message is just like sending a referral. There are two main things to remember:

a. If you're sending direct messages to meet Meaningful Use stats, make sure to select the Clinical Summary option. 



b. At the bottom of the referral you will have an option to send via fax or direct message, just clicking on direct message will send the referral as a direct message and you're done!


5.  You can view your incoming and outbound direct messages in the message center. 


Sending a Clinical Summary with Direct Messaging

You can send a patient's clinical summary via direct message from the patient's chart.  

1. Navigate to the patient's chart.  Select Clinical Dashboard from the menu on the left.  Go to the Clinical Summary menu and select Send Direct Message


2. Enter the direct address of the recipient and click Send


3. You will see a message confirming that your clinical summary was sent. 


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